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Transformation in lives does not happen by accident. There is a combination of knowledge, training, inspiration and role models that are needed to help people to move towards a better future. Dignity’s solution to addressing these needs is to provide excellent, accessible resources to people and groups in rural Africa and beyond.

The resources that Dignity provides help communities grow in the knowledge of the Christian faith and to apply that in serving their community, reducing poverty and alleviating suffering. We have also created resources that equip every person in every group to initiate further Life Groups themselves and reach many more people.

Dignity believes that every person deserves to hear the message of Jesus Christ in their own language and culture. Therefore, we invest a significant portion of our time and budget each year in creating and translating materials so everyone can be a part of the Dignity movement. To give you an understanding of what this looks like, here is a snapshot of where we are up to!



Plant was written to help people teach others how to start and run Life Groups. It can be used by Life Group leaders or members, those going on short term mission or by you in your home community. It is a condensed version of Dignity’s Living the Light training that has been run with thousands of villagers in sub-Saharan Africa.


Plant is already available in English, Bemba, Lunda, Rukwangali and Swahili. We are currently preparing Luchazi, Lozi and Tonga translations.



Foundations is our new flagship resources that helps people explore and grow in their relationship with God and encourages them to serve their community. It was written to provide high quality materials that could be used in a variety of geographical locations and cultural groups around the world. Foundations is a set of 4 books, each containing 13 interactive group study sessions.

They consist of:

Foundations 1: Life Begins – ready for publication in English, currently being translated into Bemba.

Foundations 2: Life Grows – ready for publication in English.

Foundations 3: Life Creates and Foundations 4: Life Matures – in the final editing stages.

Foundations has been written by volunteer guest authors from around the world and compiled and edited by Dignity.

You can find more out about all of our resources on our Publications page.

You can pray for:

  • Royd and Jo as they coordinate and manage the translation of our materials.
  • God given inspiration and wisdom for all those involved in the editing and final preparation of Foundations 3: Life Creates and Foundations 4: Life Matures.
  • Each of our resources to receive favour and to be effective tools in the hands of Life Groups.

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