The Strategy

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There is a saying in the UK, sometimes you simply have to call a spade, well, a spade. To put a fine point on what Dignity is trying to do in rural Africa is wage a war. Specifically calling villagers to a war on helplessness, godlessness, poverty and despair. There are many things in this world that are worth fighting for, believe me, this war is one of them.

It is unheard of waging a war without a strategy. A cast iron set of plans that can cope with the ups and downs of the fight and that ultimately lead to success.

Our strategy is based simply on people, people who are desperately poor, people who the world may overlook, people who do not attract attention and people who with God are amazing. Where Africa is concerned maybe they are the most important people in the world.

Our Impact Teams are comprised of villagers. A team of 3 or more people who are essentially village missionaries. They travel to at least two places each month, one place to train in beginning lifeGroups, the backbone of our fight, and the second to support and encourage an area that has already begun. Currently we have around 2 and a half Impact Teams working tirelessly every month to bring the good news of Jesus and hope to people.

Yet the work is growing. There are emerging teams in at least 3 other areas and we hope to start in yet another 3 over the next 18 months. From Mwinilunga in the North West, to Tanzania in the North East and to Siavonga in the south, signs of life are growing.

Dignity began planting Impact Teams some 2 years ago in response to the growing number and efficacy of LifeGroups within Zambia. These groups work in their community to bring people to Jesus and to take care of the vulnerable. Wherever there is an Impact Team, there is a change, a transformation, so out thinking is simple. Keep planting teams, keep planting new groups, keep supporting existing groups. Give every opportunity to villagers to find their God given calling and change their world.

Pray and work with us to see this vision happen. It is literally life and death to many people.

The war is vast yet the strategy is simple, thousands of people knowing Jesus, loving their community, seeing villages change.

Our strap line says it all, “Amazing Lives, Everyday Miracles”.

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