The Big Walk

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We have set ourselves the target of walking 1,390km and raising £13,900. You are invited to join the fun!

By completing this challenge together we will be standing with Life Groups across Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Namibia as they live AMAZING LIVES and are part of EVERYDAY MIRACLES.

Join in by deciding how many kilometres you want to walk and committing to raise £10 for every kilometre you walk.*

Kilometres pledged so far:


Money raised so far: £6,285.60

Kids – get involved with BIG WALK, little walks…it’s made especially for you!


Do you love a challenge?

Do you love to spend time outside?

Are you always noticing things as you walk?

Do you like stickers?!

Do you want to do something to help kids elsewhere?

If you answered yes to any of these…then BIG WALK, little walks is just the right thing for you! Find out more and sign up here

Adults – it’s your turn to walk some kilometres and help us reach our target!

Whether you want to do one big walk or a number of small walks here’s what you need to do:

  • Decide how many kilometres you want to walk.
  • Let us know by pledging your kilometres using the form below. We will add your kilometres to our pledgometer!
  • Ask your friends and family to support you by sponsoring you or walking with you. We will send you a fundraising pack to help you do this.
  • You can set up an online fundraising page using the ‘Fundraise for this appeal’ button on this page.
  • Start walking!
  • Complete your challenge, share photos using #thebigwalk
  • Collect the money you have raised and send it to us so we can put it work..

Scroll down to pledge your kilometres!

Every £10 you raise will make a huge difference. Check out some of the recent stories from Life Groups to see AMAZING LIVES and EVERYDAY MIRACLES.


Life Groups are spread right across Zambia and the 1,390km we are walking is equivalent to walking from the most westerly to the most easterly Life Groups in Zambia. Along the whole distance we would be passing Life Groups who are bringing freedom from poverty through relationship with Jesus!

Together we can partner with hundreds more people in Zambia and beyond. Thank you!

Pledge your kilometres now:

Please tell us how many kilometres you are pledging to walk.
Tell us a little about how you are going to walk your kilometres. Are you doing them all in one go, are you visiting a special place or are you doing a little bit every day? We would love to know so we can cheer you on!
We only want to send you the information you want. Please help us to do this be letting us know what you want to receive.
Alternatively you can email us on [email protected] or call us on +44 (0)161 434 8841 to pledge your kilometres or sign up for our team challenge. Read our Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy.

*Please note that your commitment to fundraising is a target. We encourage you to do the best you can but will not ask you to personally pay the difference should you not reach your target.

Team challenges: 18th May 2019

Our team challenges got us off to a great start when 13 walkers on The Gritstone Trail and 15 on The Big Welsh Walk walked a combined total of 559km! There were some sore feet and tired legs, but lots of smile! Well done everyone and thank you!

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