Through Relationship with Jesus

July 20th, 2018 Posted by News No Comment yet

It’s an amazing headline, but you might wonder, ‘HOW?’ The answer is simple; by partnering with people, inspiring transformed lives and communities and bringing freedom from poverty through relationship with Jesus Dignity has become a movement of over 11,000 from almost 600 remote communities in just 10 years.

Maybe that should not be a surprise. Teaching people about Jesus, community responsibility, helping people to trust one another and to work together directly counters the often held view that we should look after ourselves first. Whether the cause be poverty, a relentless secularism, nationalism or something else, ‘self-first’ attitudes are at the root of much of what is wrong in our world. Life was meant to be lived together, finding communal solutions for everyone. The Christian faith gives people an opportunity to know Jesus and to better everyone’s life in the community as they live out their faith. Knowing Jesus allows us to live a truly different life. People like Myombo, Esther and Festers have realised the potential they hold to make an important difference in their life and that of their community. Everyone who is part of the Dignity movement holds that potential. That’s 11,000 possible differences.

Connect people to God, connect people to each other, educate and inspire people to see what they can be and what they can do. That is the work of Dignity. Another way of saying this, is that Dignity always seeks to release the God-given potential of people.

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