Tooling Up!

July 8th, 2013 Posted by News No Comment yet

Love Your Village is a 10 week study resource to help villagers understand God’s desires for their community and their place in it. The resource has been used in various parts of Zambia as well as Tanzania.

In a very real way it is a foundation for Dignity’s approach to Christian community transformation. We are not looking to ‘jet in’ help from outside, we want something long lasting to grow from within a community itself.

It is with this thought in mind that we are introducing the concept of Life! Skills to Love Your Village. As well as teaching people why they should do something, we want to expose them to different ideas of the ‘how’ as well.

Recently, we took our Impact Team leaders to a demonstration maize plot planted by Foundations for Farming, a Christian conservation farming ministry. The challenge was could this small plot of land feed a family for a year? None of our Impact Team leaders thought so, until Ben the Zambian director of FFF explained how. All of them were surprised and dumbfounded to discover that this small plot did. We took them to the plot because we wanted them to find other people in their communities that could be trained in Christian conservation farming with a view to villagers simply growing enough food to feed themselves. It doesn’t stop there though; the idea is that people grow a cash crop to also increase their income.

Life! groups already engage in farming for their community, growing food to pay for school fees for example. These skills can not only affect individuals they can also affect communities and allow these cooperative efforts to grow sharply.

Pray for the Love Your Village and Life! Skills ventures as we seek to educate villagers and our missionaries in some of the practical skills they require.

We hope to have the training in the next couple of months before the rainy season this year.

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