Top Stories from 2018

January 24th, 2019 Posted by News No Comment yet

There have been so many amazing stories to come out of 2018! Here are our top 9, from newest to oldest:

  1. Building Trust – Charles and Elijah’s story of how God has transformed their community.
  2. Love Your Village – An incredible milestone as one of our key texts is translated.
  3. Hero Maker – Dignity Founder Jon Witt receives LAUNCH 2018 award.
  4. Staggering Choir – Ken’s incredible testimony of funerals and drunken singers.
  5. The Lame Can Walk – Gervas tells us a beautiful story of healing.
  6. Return to Ganze – Jon was able to visit Life Groups in Kenya.
  7. Myombo’s Story – Church Leader Myombo shares how Life Groups changed his life.
  8. Persisting in Siavonga – Nurturing communities to see growth.
  9. Mukonshi – Bringing hope to refugees in Mukonshi.

Check out our ‘Look back at 2018’ for the facts & figures behind these stories.

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