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One of the many challenges that Dignity’s work in Southern Africa faces is simply the number of languages that are spoken in the region. Materials and training need to translated as well as having the people to speak the language in the first place.

This was brought home to us again recently with the work happening in Mwinilunga and North Western Province. English is spoken, but not very widely. The main languages are Lunda and Luvali. These languages are spoken up into the Congo and further west into Angola. To work effectively in these areas, we need to translate material from one language to another.

Working with Resource who produce Rooted in Jesus, we are currently helping in the translation process for some material into Bemba, which will help people grow more as Christians. We are also looking at forming a Lunda translation of the Rooted in Jesus materials, for use in North Western Province and into Angola.

By doing this, we provide materials that everyday people can use in the everyday languages. This is an important step in helping people take their responsibility to Love God and to Practically Love their Neighbour very seriously.

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