Visit to Tanzania

April 30th, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet

A few months ago, Dignity received an email from Arthur from Mbeya in Tanzania. We posted about his offer previously to translate Love Your Village into Kiswahili. (link)

Later this month, Cornelius and Augustine will travel to Mbeya in Tanzania from Luapula in Zambia. They will visit Arthur and the villages and leaders around the region. It will be an interesting and eventful journey for them, travelling on the TAZARA railway from Mkushi, all the way to Mbeya.

Part of Dignity’s work is to fund such trips where the grass roots work that we engage in can spread through personal contact and relationship.

Please pray for them as they travel to Tanzania, the journey for them is at least 1200 miles each way and travelling in Africa can always be full of incident.

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