Walking Alongside the Poor

November 14th, 2012 Posted by News No Comment yet

During the month of October, the work of Dignity was visited by 3 volunteer teams from the UK and the US. One team travelled to Siavonga, which you can read about in the last article. The second team travelled to Serenje, right in the middle of Zambia, with the third travelling far north to Chipili and Mbilimamwenge in Luapula Province.

All in all, some 11 volunteers travelled.

The volunteers worked alongside what Dignity calls Impact Teams, which are teams of 3 or more villagers who work with Life! Group leaders. They support, encourage and plant. They’re the first line of support for hundreds of people. The role of the volunteers was not to replace these people, or even take precedence, it was simply to be extra pairs of hands. With the impact teams, they taught about how to initiate and run Life! Groups, how to bring the community together, how to consider others before yourself and how to organise to make a difference.

This is bang in line with the thinking of Dignity which looks to elevate the villager above our own intervention. To act as a catalyst rather than the end product. If villagers know God properly, they will love Him and their neighbour.

We are hoping that some 28 groups will begin up in Luapula, 7 in Serenje area and 3 in Siavonga. Each group has 10-25 people on average so that is quite an impact, circa 380-1000 people.

Please pray for the villagers as they take what they have been taught and seek to put it into practice.

So thanks to Frank, Jo, Cornelius, Paul, Mark, Keith, Kate, Andrew, Bernard, Margaret, Jevais, Trisha, Debs and Lizzie who all worked to make it possible.

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