We’re 8 years old

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happy birthday

On Friday 9th October Dignity celebrated it’s 8th birthday! 8 years ago, 5 friends joined together to act on a word they received from God.

5 friends

The word was Isaiah 61 v 3. Dignity as we know it was born.


Today there are 23 Impact Team members working as missionaries to their own people.

23 impact team

There are almost 300 Life Groups (297 to be precise!) walking in relationship with Jesus.

life group

People across Zambia, Namibia and Tanzania are being given the opportunity to explore Christian faith.

4 people

They and those around them are reaping the rewards as their faith becomes transformative.

body farming

Stories to Celebrate

As it’s our birthday it seems appropriate to look back on some of the stories that have made us celebrate over the years. Here’s 5 of our favourites! Click on the pictures to read the full stories.


The people who know and understand the work of Dignity best are the many volunteers who are taking it to their communities. We were floored by there response to the questions “Why are you involved in Dignity?”

“What motivates me is the love that I’ve seen. Before the people pretended to love God and they didn’t love the community. This programme has encouraged us to love one another.” – Oscar, Serenje



There are many stories of healing and people breaking free from addiction as they come to know Jesus. The story shared here has been repeated in many lives, families and communities.

“North of the main area of Nchelenge, a Life! Group meets in a small village settlement alongside the lake. It was this group one day that an alcoholic was passing. The Life! Group invited this man to attend, they welcomed him and did not shun him. He found people who welcomed him, loved him and wanted to help him. Through God and the help of others, his life has now totally changed.”


Story joyces journey

Joyce’s journey of being set free from prostitution has always made us rejoice and continues to do so!

“Joyce lives in Nkombwe village. She had been working as a prostitute and would go to bars where people were drinking to sell herself. After some time, during a Life! Group meeting Joyce began to speak of Anna in the Bible and to talk about what this passage meant to her (Luke 2 v 36 – 38). Joyce explained that she may be known to them as a prostitute, but that she is like Paul in the Bible who used to kill people who believed in Jesus and then turned to follow Jesus. ”



We love this simple story because it is one of the earliest examples of a Life Group taking practical action to love their village!

“A recently planted life! Group based in Lusemfwa in rural Zambia has recently started a small project to help their own community. 17 adults gather week by week to study the Bible and to work together on a small garden of 750 sq.m…Their aim is to help the elderly people in their village directly with food, and to work towards paying school fees for disadvantage children.”



Years later and this simple start has become a movement of people impacting their communities in ways many thought were not possible.

“Picture yourself in a small village near Chipili in Northern Zambia. Osia, a local woman has gathered together 16 local village women to learn about farming skills and how to make the most of what they have…Together they had achieved security both for themselves and their families.”


Full of thanks!

As we reflect on the last 8 years, we are so thankful to God for His ongoing faithfulness, inspiration and provision since he first spoke Dignity into being.

We are immeasurably grateful to the men and women who choose to volunteer alongside us as Impact Team members or Life Group leaders. Their cultural understanding, local knowledge, perseverance and faith is incredible.

We are thankful for everyone who has given their own time, energy and money to travel from overseas to help grow the work of Dignity. This goes all the way from Jon and Jude Witt who have given years of their lives to those who have joined us for a short term trip.

We are thankful to our partners who have shared knowledge, expertise and resources with us. We’d particularly like to thank Rooted in Jesus and Foundations Zambia for their ongoing partnerships.

We are thankful for every single prayer, hour or penny that has been given for Dignity. Together what you have given has equipped us to continue following the calling God has given us.

The future

We are committed to carrying on with the work God has called us to. We don’t pretend to have all the answers or know quite what this will look like over the coming years, but we know and trust in God’s faithfulness. We would love you to continue walking this journey with us. Here’s how you can do this…

button blue pray

We strongly believe that prayer makes a difference. Look out for our monthly bulletins and stories posted on our website. Commit to pray for these.


button blue give

Give Dignity a birthday pressie! Whether it’s a one-off or a regular gift it will help us keep on doing what God has called us to. You can make a gift here.


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Join The Dignity 300 Challenge… Our challenge to you: how can you raise £300 to support the work of Dignity by doing something you love to do? We need 45 people to join in!


button blue go

Are you passionate about building the Kingdom of God and equipped with a sense of adventure? You could be a part of our future in a very hands on way. Get in touch!


Thank you for standing with us! God bless.

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