What is an Impact Team?

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When Dignity started Life! Groups some four years ago, one of the aims was to create a movement that was as much as possible, self propagating. Over many months we thought about how to pivot an initiative that didn’t create a system of dependency, and that was full of God and His love bring release and help to many people.

Over the last four years we have learnt many lessons, some of them difficult, but we have seen a work that has grown bigger than ourselves.

Impact Teams are a sign of this. With one team based in Luapula, Northern Zambia and another based in Central Province, these courageous and committed teams of 3 people are the frontline in village work. They plant new areas, support existing areas and have many relationships of love and care. They are self directing and self determined. They do get some support from Dignity for transport and time, but in the main they are reliant upon themselves.

Bernard, one of the Impact Team Leaders also runs a small pre-school in his village, as well as being a talented tailor. Cornelius is an Anglican priest and bible translator. Gevais is a small scale farmer.

In 2012, they have initiated and are enacting a self planned programme of training and support in the villages. We are also looking at setting up an extra team and giving our existing teams a couple more people to help with geography and depth. It’s a story of a programme that is growing.

These guys do need your support and your prayer. It costs Dignity around £60 a month for each Impact Team Member. This money directly supports the team member and helps them with transport, food and a small amount for their time. What would you rather spend your salary on?

If you felt you could help, you can email [email protected] or go to our Justgiving page where you can find more details.

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