Impact Teams

Local | Trained | Passionate

Every movement needs heroes! For Dignity these people are our Impact Team members. Initiating Life Groups requires people who are local, trained, motivated and passionate about the work that God has called them to do.

At the end of 2018, Dignity had trained 73 villagers to be innovators, teachers and catalysts in their own regions. At any one time, around 50 of them were actively supporting the work of Life Groups. They directly support those that wish to make a difference in their own community.

Dignity’s motto Amazing Lives, Everyday Miracles is inspired by the work of Impact Teams. They are a potent weapon in Dignity’s armoury and a fantastic investment of our time and resources. Impact Team members and their fellow Life Group leaders racked up almost 32,000 hours of volunteer effort during 2018. This makes them one of the largest growing volunteer movements in the region. They are heroes!

Who are Impact Team members?

Team members are housewives, church leaders, farmers, fishermen. They share the cultural and educational background of those they wish to reach and help. Impact Team members are deliberately not full time and volunteer with us on a flexible basis. This allows them to retain the normal shape of life for people in their region. We have seen over many years that the most effective missionaries are not people that travel thousands of miles, rather they are those that manage to reach next door.

What do they do?

Working in distinct groups of a few members, Impact Teams provide advocacy, advice and help to existing Life Groups as well as pioneering the Dignity movement across their region. They build relationships, meet with community leaders and train Life Group leaders. What they do is no easy task especially as they work across remote, rural areas that are generally poor and difficult to reach.

Each month, Impact Teams meet together to make plans, travel together, investigate new opportunities and provide follow up and support to Life Groups. They journey hundreds of kilometres to visit Life Groups across their areas.

The Data

An investment in our teams sets in motion a movement that can alter the trajectory of a community.

An investment of:

£1,570 will support an average team for a whole year.

£131 will support an average team for a month.

In 2019 Dignity will:

Spend £31,405 equipping 20 Impact Team in regional areas.

Each team will:

Cover an area of 500Km2 to support 50 Life Groups and visit 20 new areas, facilitate 6 Life Groups training events and mentor 2 future team members.

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The Small Print

Figures are calculated as an average across teams and team members.