Why Dignity?

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Gathered in the conference room, Richard asked the participants in our twice yearly Impact Team Training, “Why are you involved in Dignity?” As Dignity’s founder I must admit some trepidation listening to such questions. It is one thing to take your own vision forward, it is quite another to have someone else do it.

This is what they had to say.

“The message of Dignity motivated him to be part of the solution in the villages. It has the power to change people.” (John, Mwinilunga)

“What motivates me is working together with different churches and people. There is much love in this programme” (Margaret, Chinombo)

“It’s breaking barriers in people and denominations” (Cornelius, Musonda Falls)

“I am involved because villages are changing because of this programme” (Augustine, Nchelenge)

“The drunkards and insulters have started changing” (Agnes, Musonda)

“People have changed. In a sense, dependency on donors and rich relatives has gone. People are becoming more independent” (Catherine, Mwense)

“I’m a teacher of a sunday school and I have been sharing the lessons also with the children. They are giving their lives to Christ.” (Dorothy, Mwinilunga)

“Families have tasted, yes, even change in the community. Where there were quarrels, we have started to have peace”. (Harrison from nr Kalweo)

Story Oscar

“What motivates me is the love that I’ve seen. Before the people pretended to love God and they didn’t love the community. This programme has encouraged us to love one another.” (Oscar, Serenje)

The work of Dignity is being taken to the villages and compounds of Rural Zambia and beyond by those that live there. Our message is simply the message of Jesus, of hope, responsibility and transformation in this world. Those powerful ideas are working through the lives of everyday villagers in surprising and encouraging ways.

The future can be very bright indeed.

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