God's calling on Dignity is to push forward, to go where the bright lights are not and reach more and more people


As part of our work, we often find ourselves working together with other organisations who share our heart to spread the good news of Jesus and to help alleviate poverty. We are delighted when others wish to work with us and here we wish to acknowledge our key partnerships.

Life Groups

Life Groups are the primary method by which Dignity works in the village and community settings. They are groups of between 5 and 30 people drawn from various backgrounds and led by volunteers we have trained. Whilst the groups have a Christian identity, anyone is free to attend and participate.

Impact Teams

Initiating Life Groups requires people who are local, trained, motivated and passionate about the work God has called them to do. These people are our Impact Team Members. They share the cultural and educational background of those they wish to reach and volunteer thousands of hours a year to help grow their community!