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We would love to hear about what God is doing in your community through the work of Life Groups.

You can share your story with us by using this form. Fill in as much as you can, but don’t worry if you can’t fill in all the boxes. Remember to let us know if we can share this story publicly, and if so, to check whether other people in the story are happy for it to be shared as well.

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EXAMPLE A: My friends Peter and Comfort invited me to come to their village because they had head about the Life Group we had started. There were no churches in their village and they wanted to know how they could help people know Jesus. EXAMPLE B: Joy runs a Life Group in this village. The Life Group noticed that there was a group of women who were often drinking alcohol early in the morning at the market. They started to pray for them and made sure to say hello to them and get to know them.
EXAMPLE A: I took a friend from my Life Group and we spent time with Peter and Comfort. We told them how we started our Life Group and encouraged them to try. We gave them our copy of Journey and invited them to work through it. EXAMPLE B: Joy's Life Group invited the women to come and join them. The women were a bit hesitant but appreciated the invite. The came to the Life Group for the first time a month ago.
EXAMPLE A: Peter and Comfort are studying the Journey course together with two friends. They have started a Life Group in their village. EXAMPLE B: The women are slowly coming to know Jesus. Two of them have said they want to stop drinking and the group is praying with them and encouraging them. They have also said that they feel a new sense of hope as they are part of a community that is welcoming them in.
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