Zambia Trip 2019

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This week, Jo and Frank Kimball are leaving the UK to spend 2 months with Impact Teams and Life Groups across Kenya and Zambia. They will be incredibly busy, with 13 days of travelling across 3 different countries, lending their expertise, learning new skills and supporting existing and new Life Groups!

We will be trying to keep up to date with them as they go, but here is a quick look at their itinerary:

  • Mlango Kenya – Their first stop is to partner with Open Arms in western Kenya, an internationally run village that is home to over 130 children – most of whom have been orphaned. We have been invited to share the idea and vision for Life Groups with the community that lives in close proximity to the village. We will also run introductory training for the staff and young people at the village.
  • Ganze, eastern Kenya – They will then be heading to the coast to meet with Joseph, who has been helping support the 7 Life Groups there and working to plant new ones. They will lend a hand starting new Life Groups and reach out to more people on the fringes of communities.  They will also be working to train and encourage the emerging leaders in the area.


  • Mbeya, Tanzania – After 3 days of travel and a few days rest, they will be arriving Mbeya to meet with Frenk and the team there. There are currently 37 Life Groups in this area. Joseph is set to travel with them to build connection between different teams and gain experience of how Life Groups can multiply. They will be working closely with the team members there to support them in their development and run an EQUIP camp.


  • Lusaka, Zambia – Here Jo and Frank will be meeting up with Kate, Katy and Jan – three UK volunteers – and 4 members of the Zambian team to receive safeguarding training to sit alongside Dignity’s new publication ‘Love Your Children’. The training will be run by The Tehila Trust with the aim of developing a culturally appropriate and easy to understand safeguarding policy for Impact Teams.


  • Mkushi, Zambia – Building on what they have learnt, all those who have received this training will meet with a wider group of Impact Team members from Zambia. Working together they will apply the safeguarding training to their regular activities. They will also intertwine this with an introduction to Love Your Children and work to develop this resource with the input of the Zambian teams.


Both Jo and Frank are looking forward to catching up with old friends and see how things have grown since they were last there as well as meeting newer team members for the first time. They are excited to reconnecting with Life Groups and listen to their stories – helping with problem solving and providing encouragement the them.

They are also really looking forward to what the safeguarding training could mean for local communities. Being intentional about learning relevant information about how communities care for their children could go a long way towards preventing unnecessary hardship and allowing children more opportunities to dream bigger and better than ever before.

“I would like to see something take root where there is nothing, new areas for Life Groups to pop up and bring hope!”

– Jo Kimball

Their hopes for the trip are twofold. Firstly, for the encouragement of testimony – that they can really be filled with the love of God through the words and experiences of the people they meet who are involved with Life Groups. Secondly, that they are able to enjoy the trip despite the challenges of extensive travel and responsibilities. Their heart is to meet with people as equals and share life and God with their friends.

As they head off, they have asked specifically that we may pray for:

  • People with a real heart to love and serve their community to be present at the training events they run.
  • The communities themselves to be open-hearted to the idea of Life Groups when people work to start them.
  • That nothing goes wrong!

There is a full prayer sheet available right here.

We hope that they have an incredible time out there!

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