Farming Team Member, Central South

Clever has been working with us since August 2014. He’s a gentle man with a real knack for telling stories and making people laugh. He’s the sort of guy you can imagine makes a great grandfather, although he might not thank me for saying that! He’s easy to spot in a crowd as he always wears a flat cap…

Clever has been learning conservation farming with us and then teaching others in his community. He is also dedicated to sharing Jesus with people and was recently involved in organising a day of prayer. He faced the challenge of encouraging churches to work together, something we all know can be tricky! Working together is a strong theme running through all of Dignity’s teaching and training. This story Clever shared shows some of his heart.

“To start with I want to say thank you for the teachings. I feel privileged to receive the teaching. The words you have said have encouraged me and I have thought about them. We, the Salvation Army, were hosting the world pray day. It wasn’t easy to bring together churches from different places. I was surprised on one thing. I thought that according to what you had said we should come together from different churches as we are here today. Before the day, we came up with a programme to say which churches and which people would do which part.”

“The other church, when they saw we called others to be part of that meeting, they decided to boycott. They said they were not going to come because we had involved other churches. They started trying to influence other churches to not go as well. Now that God is powerful, many people came and many churches came. It was only that one church that didn’t come.”

“I was trying to compare our sessions today when we were learning about the body of Christ like we are different parts of one body and we have different functions. I was a bit worried because I was asking myself, these guys, do they think they can turn away people who are Christians already. To me, I concluded that their kind of Christianity is not good because they discouraged many.”

“That’s why I’m asking, as people of God, we are one. Our task is to bring those who are lost, not to turn the ones who are already in the church. And not to judge others because God is the final judge. My happiness came up after we went through the other lessons that we attended where Jon said we have not come here to plant churches but to encourage and build the existing churches. Let’s continue working together!”

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