Impact Team Member, Luapula South

We first met Cornelius in 2008 when we were working in Chingola in the Copperbelt region of Zambia. We met in a small cafe in town, had a pasty, a cold drink and a chat. Since then Cornelius has become an integral part of our work.

Cornelius is trained and working as an Anglican priest in Luapula Province. He is married to Joyce and is a father of three grown up children and grandfather of four. In his own words he is someone who “has seen a lot of days!” This doesn’t hold him back though. As well as his commitments to the Anglican church and to Dignity, he also runs the family farm. He travels far and wide on his motorbike!

Although he’s a very busy man with “fingers in many pies” he continues to make time for the work of Dignity because he sees the difference our work is making. He has witnessed the way we work bringing hope and freedom to his country men and women. He has seen first hand the difference made in villages when people work together and seek to love God and to love their neighbour. He says it is exciting to see peoples’ lives being changed and transformed by a long term basis of knowing Jesus.

Cornelius explains that, “We go to the typical villages. It’s great to see people turning to Christ and growing in the Spirit. It’s encouraging to see other people, like you guys, coming to share Christ with us and help deepen our roots, to help us know Christ better.”

Many Life! Groups are now undertaking practical projects to love and serve those struggling in their communities. Cornelius supported some of the first Life! Groups to begin practical projects. These groups started farming a small area of land together to grow vegetables which they then gave to the elderly, the very poor and the widows and orphans. They also sold some vegetables so they could buy exercise books to help children be able to go to school. In one place they now have 4 small farms where they are growing vegetables.

Cornelius says of these people that, “Their lives are being rooted in Christ. They never did a thing of this nature before. People from different backgrounds, different denominations, people who didn’t know Christ are coming together. All these barriers have previously divided us so much but the coming of Dignity has helped us work together in unity and oneness.”

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You can watch Cornelius share his story and that of Life! Groups around him in this video.

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