Impact Team Member, Southern Province

Lawrence lives in a village outside the town of Kalomo, Southern Zambia. We first met him in 2015 when he attended one of our introductory training courses.

He’s a quiet, unassuming guy, easily overlooked but also a powerhouse of change in his community. When you speak to Lawrence it is clear that his motivation is not related to what he gets from his hard work, rather that he really longs to see his community set free from the poverty that holds it back; material poverty and also poverty of mind and spirit. Lawrence clearly believes that Jesus is the source of freedom and he is working hard to show his community what it means to love Jesus and therefore, to love your neighbour.

In 2016, with the three Life Groups he has planted, he has helped a couple break free from alcohol addiction, helped two broken families be reunited and applied to the government for a bore hole in his community.

Here Lawrence tells some of his own story.

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