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Three times a year we run an EQUIP training session for all our Impact Team members. One is happening right now at Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre. But why are we doing it and what is an EQUIP training session?

Learning through games

Learning through games


At the heart of our work are Impact Teams. These are teams of men and women working hard behind the scenes, supporting and planting Life! Groups. They are made up of 3 or more people working among their own people in a region of rural Africa.

On average, each Impact Team supports 45 Life! Groups made up of about 20 members per group. That means that when we invest our time and effort into an Impact Team of 3 members they are better able to support the leaders of 45 groups. These men and women in turn support an estimated 900 people who attend their Life! Groups.

This year there have been 3 Impact Teams up and running. One of the teams has grown throughout the year and has effectively been working as 2 teams for the last few months. Between the current teams, 179 Life! Groups with an estimated membership of 3,500 people are being supported. In the first few months of 2015 we hope to have 5 teams working across rural Zambia and crossing into Namibia. 5 teams would have the potential to support 225 Life! Groups and 4,500 people!

You can easily imagine the benefits of working closely with the Impact Teams. They will be able to utilise, share and teach what they have learnt with others who will in turn pass on what they learn to many more.

...and having fun while we learn!

…and having fun while we learn!

What is EQUIP?

We really value each of our Impact Team members. We want to do all we can to equip them to carry out God’s calling on their lives to the best of their abilities. We support them with skills, training, friendship, prayer and both emotional and financial support. The 3 annual EQUIP training sessions are a key building block in our support of the Impact Teams.

Many of the people we work with have not been given the opportunity to access secondary or further education. Few have had the chance to receive Christian discipleship or Bible teaching. Many are making the most of what little they have but struggle to overcome some of the challenges they face because they lack the skills that would help them to forge forward.

Our EQUIP training sessions respond to this reality. From 2015 we will we run 3 EQUIP training sessions every year, each with a different focus: teaching skills, theology or planning and pastoral care. These respond to the challenges we see Impact Team members facing regularly and we hope that we will see the Impact Teams becoming well equipped to overcome the challenges they face and being able to stand firm, rooted deeply in Jesus.

Each EQUIP session last for 3 or 4 days and comprises a mix of teaching through talks, games, Bible study, teamwork exercises, shared experiences and prayer. It is always fantastic to see Impact Team members greeting each other as everyone arrives at EQUIP. Teams are spread across Zambia and the EQUIP sessions provide a forum for them to encourage one another, learn from different experiences and share what is on their hearts for their countrymen and women.

Like what you read?

If you are excited by the work we are doing we invite you to get involved!

You could be a part of helping to deliver an EQUIP training session next year. In March, July/August or November 2015 you could be spending a week with the Impact Team leaders and sharing skills with them as well as learning loads yourself! Details of our short term mission can be found here. We would love to have you with us!

If getting on a plane isn’t your thing, you can help make the EQUIP sessions a reality by supporting them financially. It costs us about £4,650 to run each EQUIP course. You can help cover these costs by making a one-off or regular donation through Give.net or by using our downloadable Support Form.

Thank you!

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