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One Step Event

Do you have a desire to help others come to know Jesus and build community?   Do you want to start something new and make a difference?   YOU can be part of what God is doing and be a missionary where you are! Everyone has a call to reach ...

Half a Million

    Dignity is a movement of people that are making a difference in their communities, wherever they are. We believe that the best people to make the change in a community are the people who are there. We want to empower and encourage ...

Light and Life to all He Brings

Last year I wrote, “Well what a year!” We could say the same about 2021. Trouble seems to be everywhere and there is a melee of competing voices and agendas. I’ve seen the confusion and fear that a lack of truth brings to the lives of many rural ...

One Donation, Twice the Impact

Wow! Thank you to everyone who joined in the Big Give Christmas Challenge. Together with our match funding we’ve received £14,324 to raise up 10 Mission Pioneers. They will help hundreds of people to know Jesus within community and to fight poverty ...