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On Giving Tuesday this year we invited you to partner with us by sponsoring young, up-and-coming team members at our EQUIP camp. Your amazing generosity covered the cost of training, resources, travel and lodging for the 11 delegates who were able to attend.* Thank you so much! We are happy to report that the course went well and are pleased to be able to share this update with you.

The 4 day course led by Jon, Jude, Bernard and Royd gave new team members the chance to learn about Life Groups, how to plant them and the potential they have to bring hope to communities.

People travelled in from far and wide to attend the course in Mkushi,half of whom were linked to existing Dignity teams and had already spent time shadowing team members and making progress in their leadership journey. Other delegates came from areas where there is no existing Dignity team. They were able to access and gather vital resources to help equip them to start journeys of their own.

We are extremely happy at how the training course went and are excited by the potential seen in these young change makers. We look forward to watching them put the plans they made into action.

These are some of their stories:

Mwalimu was invited to the training event from Samfya.  There is already an Impact Team in Samfya but they are looking to grow and hope that Mwalimu will join them. He got so much out of the training; he especially enjoyed the lessons about starting Life Groups in the community. He believes they are the only way we can disciple and help many people in his community and is now hoping to start a Life Group in Mashitolo and Katompa villages which are close to Samfya town. This time together has given him confidence that he will see the power of God working through small Life Groups in the community.
Able, from Chinsali in Northern Zambia, really enjoyed learning about everyone having a place in the community of God. He learned that everyone is important, and when people come together, they can achieve great thing. He thinks that respect is key and that appreciating others contribution is very important. There are no Life Groups around Chinsali at present, but Able is hoping to start 4 or so Life Groups and see how it goes. He is already thinking of people to speak to and ways into the community.
Obed came to the EQUIP course from the Chibombo area. He really enjoyed the teaching and loved learning about how important Life Groups are. Especially, how they can be started in the heart of his community. Coming to the camp has given him a bigger picture of how to work more effectively with others. He said he wants to plant many Life Groups when he gets home.
Kenneth is a Methodist Pastor from Zambezi and it was his first time at any Dignity meeting. When asked what he enjoyed about the camp, he said that his mind has been opened to bridging gaps between different churches and parts of the community. He said he can see how unity and serving God together can bring great change. There are currently no Life Groups in the Zambezi region, but he wants to start some!

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who sponsored a place at this EQUIP. Donations like yours make it possible for us to run vital training events across Zambia and ignite passion in people about the work God has called them to do, transforming lives and the wider community.

*We were expecting 16 delegates but 5 were unable to come. No costs were incurred for those who were unable to attend. Money given as part of Giving Tuesday will be retained for similar team training events.

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