Foundations Update!

July 21st, 2019 Posted by News, Publications No Comment yet

Transformation in lives does not happen by accident. We all require knowledge, training, inspiration and role models to help us to move towards a better future. A key way in which we provide these things is through our written materials. Our Foundations series is a really exciting step forward in this area of our work. The Foundations series has been written by volunteer guest authors from around the world and edited and compiled by Dignity. The course focuses on helping people explore and grow in their relationship with God and encourages them to serve their community.

Those of you with a keen eye will have seen that Foundations 1:Life Begins and Foundations 2: Life Grows have been sent off to Zambia in our recent shipment of 556 publications. This is the first full print run we have completed of Foundations 1 and 2! Foundations 3: Life Creates is in the final stages of editing with Foundations 4: Life Matures set for completion later this year.

We believe that every person deserves to hear the message of Jesus Christ in their own language and culture. By making Foundations and our other resource available in different languages we are helping communities grow in the knowledge of the Christian faith. We have seen that this will lead to them serving their community, reducing poverty and alleviating suffering.

We have begun translating these new books and we are delighted to have just completed work on the first draft of Foundations 1: Life Begins into Bemba! Work is already underway on the Bemba translation of Foundations 2.

Our intention it to develop the series in as many languages as we can to improve accessibility to people across Zambia and beyond. The translation process is often quite long – but it’s always amazing when hard work pays off and we see resources heading off to be put into use!

You can:

  • Pray for the safe arrival of the recent shipment containing Foundations 1 & 2 along with other resources and 190 Bibles!
  • Help us cover the cost of translating Foundations 2. The average cost of each translation we produce is £1,290. You can make a gift towards our writing and translating work here.


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