Foundations is a group study course that helps people explore and grow in their relationship with God and encourages them to serve their community. It was written to provide high quality materials that could be used in a variety of geographical locations and cultural groups around the world. Foundations is a set of 4 books, each containing 13 interactive group study sessions.

Foundations has been written by volunteer guest authors from around the world and compiled and edited by Dignity.

Foundations 1 front cover

Foundations 1: Life Begins is aimed at those with new or no faith. From simple beginnings it leads people along the early steps of faith and knowing God. (Available in English & Bemba)

Foundations 2 front cover

Foundations 2: Life Grows builds the foundations on which faith can grow and gives some doctrinal understanding to underpin use of the Bible and prayer. (Available in English)

Foundations 3 front cover

Foundations 3: Life Creates concentrates on how disciples living in community can transform what is around them. A healthy Christian naturally re-creates the life that they have been given in their community and in other people. (Available in English)

Foundations 4 front cover

Foundations 4: Life Matures explores what a mature Christian looks like. This book carries on the themes of the rest of the series but deepens and extends them. (Coming soon)

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