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Every movement needs heroes! For Dignity these people are our Impact Team members. They are local, trained, motivated and passionate about the work that God has called them to do. Impact Team members provide advocacy, advice and help to existing Life Groups as well as pioneering the Dignity movement across their region. Each month, Impact Teams meet to make plans, travel together, investigate new opportunities and provide follow up and support to Life Groups. Growth in our teams will lead to more amazing lives and everyday miracles through Life Groups. Set up a regular gift now to invest in growing our Impact Teams.

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Thank you!

We have seen that where Impact teams are working well, Life Groups flourish. We want to train and equip a growing number of Impact Team members. We invest time, resources, training and support into Impact Team members. We facilitate their work by covering their travel costs and expenses. In 2019 we expect to spend about £30,000 supporting Impact Teams.

If you are reading this, we need you to do something amazing! To grow our Impact Teams and start working in the new areas that God is leading us to we need to see a marked increase in our budget this year. We are praying and asking for an increase in our regular monthly income of £2,000 (US$2,600) per month.

Can you help us to achieve this us by starting a regular gift to Dignity or increasing your existing gift? We are looking for:

  • 2 people to give £500 a month
  • 2 people to give £200 a month
  • 4 people to give £100 a month
  • 5 people to give £20 a month
  • 20 people to give £5 a month

Please pray about this now and decide how much you can give.


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