Journey: Setting Out

August 14th, 2020 Posted by News No Comment yet

We are super excited to tell you about our new course: Journey. Equipping people to pioneer and work together to advance the gospel, Journey will ‘send people out’ to villages, communities, provinces and nations…

Apostles were the ‘sent out ones’ of the early church. Paul and the other apostles undertook great journeys of faith. They found ways to tell people about the message of Jesus and took time to show the love and power of Jesus in many communities and villages. From the beginning they discipled people to live by the truth of Jesus, spreading the message and practical love of Jesus for themselves. It didn’t all depend upon the apostles, it depended upon everyone.

At Dignity, we are developing the Journey course to help people follow in their footsteps. In the same way that the early followers of Jesus took a step to share the love and message of Jesus, we too, want people to learn how to take that step for themselves.

Studying with Dignity using Journey will help people to learn about working with God starting with their own village or community. They won’t need to attend a school. They will be able to do the learning right where they are, even with the friends around them. As the training progresses the course will help people to share the message and everyday love of Jesus more widely to the villages and communities around them.

Our first intake for journey will be by invitation only. As the course becomes established we will offer it more widely with the support of local pioneers. Journey will support people like Elias – you can read his story here.

We’re working hard to prepare Journey to make it the best it can be! Watch this space for more, including how it fits within our 10-year plan, how it responds to the current world situation, how ‘least-first’ design is impacting it’s delivery, how it will raise up pioneers for the gospel and how you can be involved.

Journey will launch at the time of our 13th birthday in October. We’ll be inviting you to celebrate our birthday with us by supporting Journey from the very beginning.


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