Love Your Village

Why Love Your Village?

Two of the greatest evils in rural, sub-Saharan Africa are dependency and poverty. For many people these play out to mean a lack of hope and aspiration for the future. Through Love Your Village we want to help people discover their future together with God and their neighbour. We believe that people working together can achieve an escape from poverty and discover a life waiting for something better. With God, with a practical outworking of faith, communities can discover freedom from poverty and take hold of a better future for themselves.

The Church in rural Africa is the greatest untapped community resource to effect spiritual and physical change. We have seen that Love Your Village can connect people with God’s plans and purposes for their village. We hope to see this happen more and more as people transform their own communities through giving, service, commitment and love.

What is Love Your Village?

Love Your Village is a 10 week study and group discussion resource that not only helps people to understand what they could do in their community, but more importantly, why they should do it. Each study session includes whole passages from the Bible and activities designed to help people interact with the Bible, each other and God. Illustrations from every day life, memory verses, sketches and interactive prayer are used to bring the group together and make everyone feel involved. Every week there is also an application session, to help apply the study material to everyday village life.

How is it used?

Love Your Village is used within a group setting, predominantly in rural, sub-Saharan Africa. We recognise that many of the people we work with have only had the opportunity to receive primary level education. Therefore, Love Your Village uses simple language and breaks things down into easy to grasp ideas. Only the leader needs to know how to read and write and have access to a Bible. This is particularly important where illiteracy rates are high and Bibles are often scarce.

The authors

Jon & Jude Witt wrote Love Your Village in 2011 as a direct response to their experience of working in rural sub-Sahara African communities. Jon writes at

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Dignity provides Love Your Village free of charge to those it works with in Africa. If this is you, contact your local Impact Team member for a copy.

For everyone else ‘Love Your Village’ is available to order electronically or in hard copy. The profits from the sale of this book will go directly into supporting the work of Dignity.

Email us on to order or by calling our UK office on +44 (0) 161 434 8841.

PDF copy of course: UK £25 / Zambia ZMK 250
Hard copy of course: UK £3.50 / Zambia ZMK 25 (both plus postage)
Course pack (PDF & 20 hard copies): UK only £90 (plus postage)

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