One Step Event

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Do you have a desire to help others come to know Jesus and build community?


Do you want to start something new and make a difference?


YOU can be part of what God is doing and be a missionary where you are! Everyone has a call to reach their community for Jesus and we want to help you take part in what God is doing.

Whether you are looking to reach your neighbours, work colleagues or family; new parents, young people or your friends in the gardening club – we want to inspire you and give you tools to be able to build community in that context.

Life Groups are the way we see communities transformed for Jesus. These are weekly gatherings of people who explore faith together, pray together, read the Bible together, learn how to love others and tackle local issues. They are for people from different churches, different denominations and those with no faith who are exploring, creating places of unity, community, discipleship and evangelism.

Through 5 interactive online sessions and a follow-up evening, you will learn how to start and lead a Life Group. We will cover:

Dream Big: What could God do where you live.

People: Harnessing the power of the people placed within your community.

Truth: Teaching people to live by the truth of Jesus.

Love: The simple power of ‘loving our neighbour as ourselves’.

Connection: Authentically connecting with people.

Each session includes video teaching, discussion and an activity to help you map out the people you know in your community, how they are connected and where the opportunities are.

Study as an individual or as a group, we would love to meet you and support you in finding out what God is asking you to do.

Let us help you to take that ‘one step’!


You have two options for study:

Online: Our next course will be online, beginning Tuesday 7th June for five Tuesday evenings and a follow-up evening on Tuesday 2nd August.

Coursebook: Use the One Step Coursebook and videos to run your own six session course with others.

Register below for the June course, a future online course or to be sent the coursebook.

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Support our work:

    We have chosen to make this training available for free. If you appreciate the training and would like to help us reach more people, you can make a donation to our work. We operate as a not-for profit organisation and our work relies on donations such as yours. Thank you!

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