Plant Training Videos

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Plant is one of our key resources. Together with The Away Kit it teaches you why and how to plant a Life Group in your community. Crucially it also teaches you how to then reproduce your group in neighboring communities.

Both Plant and The Away Kit can be downloaded for free using the links here. We would love you to let us know that you are using Plant.


To help you as you get started we have recorded 7 of our key training sessions. Delivered in Bemba and English by Jon and Jude Witt, Bernard Witika and P. Pilius these videos will help bring the training to life for you.

Session 1: Water, Trees and Sky

Session 2: Life is Through the Family

Session 3: Running a Life Group in your Village

Session 4: Life Group Practise

Session 5: Everyone has a Place

Session 6: How to Start a Life Group

Session 7: Why and how to Disciple People

Let us know you are using Plant & The Away Kit

We would love to know you are using these materials and hear your experiences. Fill in the form below to let us know you are using them and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

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