The resources on this page are designed to help you partner with others and start a movement that will inspire transformed lives and communities where you live. These resources will help you to bring freedom from poverty through relationship with Jesus.

COVID-19: Information for Life Groups

We have all been affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). These information sheets will help you understand what COVID-19 is and think about how you as a Life Group can respond.

What is Covid-19?
What is COVID 19 1
Life Groups: What to do
LIFE GROUPS What to do 1

Apostles were the ‘sent out ones’ of the early church. Paul and the other apostles undertook great journeys of faith. They found ways to tell people about the message of Jesus and took time to show the love and power of Jesus in many communities and villages. Dignity has developed Journey, a course to help you follow in the footsteps of Jesus’s earliest followers. We want you to learn how to take that step for yourself. You will be able to do the learning right where you are, even with the friends around you. As the course progresses you will share the message and everyday love of Jesus to the villages and communities around you.

Life Groups: What are they? How do they work?

There are a few simple principles at the heart of every Life Group. If you want to understand or share these in a bite-size format, this leaflet is just what you need!

Life Group Leaflet ENGLISH-cover

Foundations is a group study course that helps people explore and grow in their relationship with God and encourages them to serve their community. It was written to provide high quality materials that could be used in a variety of geographical locations and cultural groups around the world. Foundations is a set of 4 books, each containing 13 interactive group study sessions.

Foundations has been written by volunteer guest authors from around the world and compiled and edited by Dignity.

Foundations front covers

Life is a practical training bulletin based on the teachings from our publications and materials. Each month, there will be an overall theme and an idea to put in to practice – be that the planting of new life groups or looking at ways your Life Groups can help in your community. Written and compiled by Jon Paul Witt.

The Away Kit

Drawing on 10 years of experience The Away Kit shares valuable working methods and lessons we have learnt as we have partnered with hundreds of communities and thousands of people to help them live amazing lives and be part of everyday miracles.

The Away Kit equips you to share the simple approach of Life Groups in any mission context. Packed full with practical advice and spiritual guidance it will teach you why and how to partner with others to inspire transformed lives and communities, bringing freedom from poverty through relationship with Jesus.

The Away Kit English 1st Edition.pages

Plant was written to help people teach others how to start and run Life Groups. It can be used by Life Group leaders or members, those going on short term mission or by you in your home community. It is a condensed version of Dignity’s Living the Light training that has been run with thousands of villagers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Plant Covers
Love Your Village

Love Your Village is a 10 week study and group discussion resource that not only helps people to understand what they could do in their community, but more importantly, why they should do it. Each study session includes whole passages from the Bible and activities designed to help people interact with the Bible, each other and God. Illustrations from every day life, memory verses, sketches and interactive prayer are used to bring the group together and make everyone feel involved. Every week there is also an application session, to help apply the study material to everyday village life.

LYV Full-Cover
Information for Impact Teams

This information sheets will help you understand how you can make an impact in your community.

Making an Impact!
Making an Impact
Radical (Teaching series)

Radical? is a series that examines what it means to have faith, trust and conviction in God and how this results in change for our world. Using ancient and current examples of genuine people who encounter different situations, we can learn lessons on how to walk with God radically in all areas of our life.

Session 1: Radical ResilienceSession 2: Becoming Radical - Cain, Abel and EnochSession 3: A Radical in Waiting - SarahSession 4: A Radical Messenger - MosesSession 5: Radically Tested - Abraham & IsaacSession 6: Are You Radical? A Call to Arms

Publications by others

Rooted in Jesus

We have used and highly recommend Rooted in Jesus, a practical, interactive group programme in Christian discipleship specifically designed for Africa. Originally developed to meet the needs of the people of the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, it is now in use in 16 African countries. Rooted in Jesus is edited and directed by Alison Morgan, and published and supported by The Mathetes Trust, an Anglican charity based in the UK with a focus on Christian discipleship.

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