Impact Team Member, Mwinilunga

Edina is a good friend of Dorothy. For some time Edina had been a member of the Life! Group that Dorothy had been running so when we asked Dorothy to invite people along to a training event we were running in their area, Dorothy invited Edina.

Since then Edina’s involvement in Dignity has been growing and now she is a member of the Mwinilunga Impact Team alongside Dorothy and John.

We asked Edina why she decided to get more involved with our work and she said, “The work of Dignity helped me and I can see how it can help others like me. It is good to bring people to God. My life has changed since I’ve been learning more about God with Dignity and I see that these (Life!) groups will change the community.”

Edina and her husband Ezron have 8 children. The eldest 6 are currently away at school and the youngest 2 are living at home. To make ends meet, Edina works as a tailor. She is also an active community member, volunteering at the local hospital as a lay councillor. She works with pregnant ladies providing advice and general anti-natal care. Edina also finds time to be a Sunday School teacher as she enjoys chatting with children. All of these experiences have taught Edina to be a confident speaker and capable teacher.

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