Impact Team Member, Mpika

When you meet Festers you can’t help but be touched by his big smile and the twinkle in his eyes! A quiet, gentle man, he always greets you with that smile.

We first met him in July 2014 when he joined one of our schools or evangelism in Mpika, the “local” town…which, if my memory serves me well, is roughly 160km away from the village in which he lives. A friend had told him about the training event we were running and he decided it was worth making the journey. We’re glad he did!

After the training event, he gathered some people together in his village and began a Life Group. Over time, he’s proved faithful and encouraged others to do what he has done. We invited him along to our EQUIP Impact Team training as an apprentice and now he has taken on the roll of an Impact Team leader. It’s great to have watched him develop and grow in confidence as he’s learnt some new skills and benefited from the experience and wisdom of other team members.

Festers can now be found encouraging others and teaching them how to share the good news of Jesus with their friends and neighbours. He helps them start Life Groups and then keeps in touch with them to encourage and support them. At a recent event someone commented that they though the wasn’t serious because he was always smiling, however, as soon as he started teaching they heard that he really meant what he was saying and they could tell he had wisdom to share! Go Festers!!

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