Impact Team Member, Central

Harrison became a Christian at the age of 15. In his own words he was “a stubborn child who mellowed with age”. He’s now father to 9 and grandfather to 10! His wife Beauty and he live in Kalweo, Central Zambia where he is pastor to a church. One of his church members is Bernard.

It was through Bernard that Harrison first came to know about Dignity. Bernard had invited him along to a training session in their area and one further away. In late 2013 when Dignity was looking for new Impact Team members Bernard brought Harrison along to a meeting and since that point he has begun to get more and more involved. In early 2014 he officially became an Impact Team member alongside Bernard.

Harrison sees his role with Dignity as that of a missionary to the villages around him. He seeks to bring people near to God so that those who are in darkness can see they light. Harrison speaks of the outward differences he sees as people step from darkness into light. He told us of 5 people who had been drinking heavily and now, thanks to the intervention of the Life! Group in their area, they have stopped drinking. All 5 are now attending existing churches in the village.

Despite already working as a pastor, Harrison says that working with Dignity has taught him lots of useful skills. He says he is now able to motivate others to act alongside him. He feels as though he has been growing lots in the last year!

Although he finds the travel involved with supporting Life! Groups difficult he is sure that the benefits of working alongside Dignity outweigh the difficulties. He speaks of having many more “relatives” now he has become part of the family of Dignity, which in reality is the family of Jesus. He has been encouraged by working as part of a team and loves that he can ask others for their help and advice when he is struggling. He continues to pastor his church who are also now benefiting from the skills we have been able to teach Harrison and the wisdom of his fellow team mates.

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