Farming Team Member, Central South

We first met Josephine in July 2014 when she came to a training event with her friend Margaret. Josephine was shy and quiet, not pushing herself forward, often seeking to stay out of the limelight. Since then, Josephine has become more and more involved, volunteering with Margaret at a number of Dignity teaching events. She is now a regular team member. This story she tells shows how she is taking what she has learnt and using it in a wider way, impacting many in her own community.

I’m from Chibombo. I’m thanking God for this work of Dignity that it has come to be amongst us. This group has taught me a lot of things. When we started learning together in the Life Groups, the small groups that we start in Dignity, I came to learn how to lead small groups.

What has happened to the church where I go to, I have separated the women according to the small groups and we learn together. So when Sunday comes we go into the vineyard to encourage the sick, to encourage those who are backsliding from the word of God. In the church where I am, we call it the sister’s fellowship.

When I’m teaching the women they feel very happy, they even fight amongst each other to say “We want you to come here to come and teach us”. So I have started telling them to come to these small groups where we learn how to be rooted in Jesus Christ. We do this work in our local church and at the same time we do the work in the small groups and learn from the book of Rooted in Jesus. This is what has happened in my life through the work of Dignity.

We are encouraged to see Josephine applying what she is learning in a culturally appropriate way that is impacting her community for God’s Kingdom!

Josephine has a very practical nature and showed interest in the conservation farming training we started running with Foundations Zambia. Having attended the training sessions she is equipped to pass these skills onto those she works amongst in her own community and through Dignity Life Groups.

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