Pastor David Tuva

2019 08 Pastor David Tuva

Pastor David Tuva lives in Ganze.

Pastor David was widowed in 2015 and now raises his 4 children alone, leads his local church and now plants Life Groups! He’s becoming prolific in planting Life Groups, so much so that we asked him why and how he does it!

He explained that in the area of Ganze a handful of mosques have been built and a number of people have started to attend the mosque instead of church. This has troubled Pastor David and other pastors in the area. They believe there is a window of opportunity to act before Islam takes hold of the wider community.

Pastor David began a Life Group near his home in 2018 and was encouraged to see that a friend who had recently started attending the mosque came along to find out more about what the Bible says. That person has since decided to follow Jesus and has returned to church, as well as attending the Life Group. This showed Pastor David that Life Groups are a useful tool in helping people explore and understand what it means to follow Jesus and he thinks this is much needed in his community.

Since then Pastor David has developed his own method of planting Life Groups. Once his first group was up and running he made sure someone else in the group could continue leading it. Then he and a couple of others from his group spoke to some friends in a neighbouring community and offered to come and help them start a Life Group. Together they went each week to meet with this new group until they were confident the group could continue on their own.

Pastor David and his friend then went to another community and did the process again! He has a list of communities that he wants to start groups in and, going by his reach record, we expect he will make it happen!

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